Security & Access Control

In the age of fake ID’s and counterfeiting technology, it’s all too easy to replicate keycard identification keys. This poses a major threat to controlling access at ingress points as well as what happens when these individuals do get access. Facial recognition is the one form of identification that is impossible to duplicate providing a very high degree of security.

Utilizing TensorMark’s technology means controlling access to the building as well as having the ability to locate where individuals are withing the building.  Faces are scanned and compared against who should have access to the building as well as known offenders on the blacklist.  Once inside the building, individuals can be tracked ensuring they do not enter areas that are off limits to those particular individuals.

  • User-friendly: Control access of everyone from anywhere. No worries about pesky ID cards or FOBs.
  • Quick: Unlock doors as you approach.
  • Secure: Take your current access control system to the next level with facial recognition.
  • Insights: Collect valuable data on employee tracking and traffic flow counting.
  • Economical: Integrate with your existing camera system and protect each door.