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"TensorMark’s AI and computer vision technology is robust and agile with applications developed for multiple verticals including loyalty and retail; corporate and personal security and access control; and banking services and Fintech."

- By ET Bureau -February 13, 2020
Vuzix Announces Partnership with Cloud-Based AI and Computer Vision Technology Provider TensorMark
  • By:ET Bureau
  • Feb 13, 20'

TensorMark, a cloud-based AI and computer vision technology provider, to integrate...

Strategic Initiative Aims to Help the Economy Reopen in the Pandemic Using Computer Vision
  • By: Find Biometrics
  • May 22, 20'

TensorMark and University Hospitals are moving forward with a strategic initiative to help reopen the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

University Hospitals in Cleveland and Technology Company TensorMark Announced a Partnership Today

The new initiative would use TensorMark’s computer-based facial recognition technology that would allow an employer, workplace or event space to...

Vuzix and TensorMark collaborate to integrate facial and object recognition into Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses

The TensorMark solution... will be a recipe that will disrupt the personal and professional security marketplace.